Strange light phenomena

trees-772256_960_720Over the years, there have been several cases of curious and bizarre sightings of light beams seen by people. While some have a perfectly plausible explanation for their appearance, most of these phenomena go unexplained. Here are some of the exciting such occurrences over the past century that are sure to appeal to the UFO enthusiast in you.

St. Elmo Fire

When sailors came upon a kind of bluish light that emerge from the ship masts during night occasionally they named it St Elmo’s Fire taking it as a good sign as the light didn’t bring any harm to the ship. According to Steve Ackerman, an atmospheric scientist there seems to be an explanation behind this effect. He claims that thunderclouds form an electric field due to the difference in electric charge between the ground and cloud, which is further, intensified in case of pointed objects such as the ship’s mast or an electric pipe.

A plasma glow identical to St. Elmo’s Fire can be created inside a laboratory. The LED lights that are now replacing the earlier lighting systems are considered a miraculous invention (though not on the level of the  amazing lights discussed above ) due to the energy and money saving effects they provide, and because they can be used to help grow plants, check out this site for more info.

Earthquake lights

These lights are formed due to shock waves produced by rocks under stress. The rocks form a plasma discharge that makes you feel electrified and gain a halo around you like in a saint. But this light doesn’t harm you although you may feel a little bit funny. The presence of CCTV cameras has made it possible to capture this light.

Ball lightning

While earlier this light was considered as mythical, it has now been proved a real light. The lightning bolt that strikes the ground from a cloud can lead to vaporization of certain minerals leading to the ball of light seen. The light is actually formed due to the presence of silicon components in the light.

These lights although seen occasionally, serve to spur an interest in the onlookers . It is such phenomena that have led scientists to study further on the light spectrum leading to advanced systems such as infra red beams and the LED lights, which are now used in all spheres of our life. The plasma grow lights at are revolutionary products that help grow plants in a better way and save money too.

Sunset and green flash

Just before you witness the Sun go down, you can see its light turn a green color. This is not real change of sunlight but just a mirage. Mirages can also turn the sun into a shimmering wave pattern. This effect is due to the splitting of the white light in the sun into different colors.  The blue color in the sky is due to the effect of the blue rays being scattered by the atmospheric gases. The red light falls beyond the horizon and is the first to disappear followed by orange and yellow. The green color is the last one to be seen as the Sun goes below while the blue, violet and indigo are scattered. Although this mirage is very slight it can be seen best in ocean horizons.


Facts Around the World that Prove UFO Are Real

Unidentified Flying Object in short known as UFO is an interesting subject.  There are lots of researches going on this subject, and there are high-tech parabolic detectors known as super dimensional wave decoders installed various part of the earth to detect and decode alien communications.  Many people including scientific community believe that alien crafts visit earth frequently, and attempts are there to capture or shoot down them.  There are many ancient artifacts that look very mysterious in nature and appearances.

Conspicuous marksee

Many of them carry unexplainable marks and codes that are difficult to decode so far.  Some of the artifacts are dated back to 300 million years and technologies used to build the objects are still beyond the comprehension of the modern technology.  Because of its mysterious nature, a good number of scientific community believes that these might be created by aliens or with the help of aliens by our ancient people for a special purpose. We are still hunting to find the reason to support our rational thinking and unravel the mysteries around UFOs.

Aliens and UFOs are mutually related

Aliens and UFOs are mutually related.  Regardless of whether or not, if it can be proven or not we have a lot of baffling stories, eye witnesses, the so-called photographs of UFOs and even the little tiny skinny creatures without a space suit and with large screen eyes force us to believe aliens do frequently visit on earth in UFOs.  Also, when we explore through some of the ancient artworks, there are carvings of strange creatures and even space shuttle shapes make us believe that existence of alien and their visiting by UFOs seem possible.

We do have modern age close encounter stories, and suspected objects and creature type phenomenon reported by various astronomers. All these are well documented, and they speak volumes about their strange experiences force us to believe that their experiences might just have been genuine and real time encounters.

Let us look for some of the popular UFO sightings and experiences of the people who were fortunate to have such encounters.  These witnesses are living example and had gone through various scientific and physiological analyses.


1. Roswell UFO expereince

The Roswell UFO incident is believed to be one the chilling UFO experience cleverly classified by US Air force.  The crash of an Air Force weather surveillance balloon at Roswell in mid-1947 has been highly propagated as a UFO crash by the ufologists.  The ufologists argue with theories that one or more UFO had crash landed, and the bodies of the aliens were recovered by the Air Force and the whole incidents were kept as a state secret.

 2. Arizona ‘V’ sights on skyff

On February 14, 2013, many Arizona residents reported seeing V shaped formations, and there were numerous photographs published curious people looking for the formations.  It was claimed that the V formations were UFOs hovering over Phoenix and Yuma.


Interestingly the area, Sedona in Arizona is famous for mysterious red rock formations and large field marks in peculiar shapes.  These unexplainable artifacts or ancient constructions are believed to be a strong evidence of unnatural movements by extraterrestrial creatures and by all means, Arizona is well known for active UFO presence and alien movements. (more…)

Fascinating Mysteries around the Globe

Unexplained mysteries are always fascinating and keep on hunting us.  There are so many fascinating mysteries, most of them are clueless and never answered.  We have only assumptions, and we leave a lot of unexplained mysteries to be answered by the time hoping that time can crack what could be the reason behind those mysteries.

This article deals with 10 most famous mysterious incidents still puzzling human conscious unanswered.  Let us explore it.

1. Green Childrenaa

A curious story about a brother and sister appeared in a small village in the UK during the 12th century with green skin.  They were speaking an indecipherable language and never had anything the humans used to eat.  After some time they started learning English, their skin color changed to normal. They claimed they had followed a stream of light and woke up after hearing the sound of bells.  The children believed to be abducted by aliens and returned.

2. Kalachi Village

The residents of Kalachi village in Kazakhstan are facing with “sleeping incidents”.  These are not sleeping disorders, but villagers in between their job get a strong dose sleeping compulsion and fall sleep in the broad daylight.  They wake up after few hours, but some people wake up after few days.  In 2014, a group of school children also fell asleep without any specific reason.  There is no apparent after-effect, but few had complained loss of memory, extreme nausea and vertigo once they wake up from their sleep.  There is no scientific reason yet to found.

3. Phaistos Discbb

The mysterious artifact was puzzling the archeologists, evading to provide any convincing explanations. It was found at the Minoan palace of Phaistos in 1908.  The Phaistos Disc is manufactured from fired clay with prints of unexplainable symbols and hieroglyphics.  It is believed to be created in the second millennium BC.   The symbols and hieroglyphics are not decoded as it is written in Linear A, an ancient Crete.

4. Pollock Twins

Two sisters at the age of 11 and 6 years killed in a car accident and in 1957 and one years after the tragic accident, they are believed to be taken re-birth in their mothers womb.  The newborns sisters had all the typical birth marks exactly the place where it had the  dead sisters.  Things started baffling when the newborn sisters started demanding the old toys of their dead sisters that they couldn’t possibly know about.  The girls even asked them to take particular leisure parks; they had never heard, but their departed sisters used to visit. (more…)

Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Not many of us but surely some of us might have sometimes had some kind unusual experiences or met some unusual object that look so mysterious and difficult to get answers. Throughout history humans have faced and have been facing such strange phenomena, unexplained, mysterious and very much clueless to give a correct and logical explanation.  This article deals with some of the strange things reported and remain unsolved until now.


1. The London hammer, the oldest tool every found:aa

This is a historical wonder.  This ancient piece of hammer was found in 1934 or 1936 by a couple Max Hahn and Emma.  It looked like a melted rock with a protruded wooden handle out of a melted rock.  On scientific checking it found that the encasing hammer was more than 400 million years old and the hammer’s head, the steal portion consists of 96% pure steal and no way it can transformed by the nature itself.



2. The Ancient Greek Computer – The Antikythera Mechanism:cc

The Antikythera Mechanism is named after Antikythera a Greek island from where this mechanical computer was discovered 45 meter under water.  This is believed to be used to calculate the astronomical positions.  The material is believed to be part of 18th century gadget with a complex assembly of gear and wheels.  The wonderful design and precision calculation mechanism is a clueless experience.


3. The Grooved Spheres:

The Grooved Spheres are also known as Klerksdorp spheres and is found in the mines of South Africa.  The spheres has a measurement of one inch or more in diameter and some of them are marked with three parallel lines around the sphere  looking exactly like a cricket ball.  It has been found in two type of material one made of bluish metal with white marks and second type is hollow shape with white spongy substance filler.  This material is believed to be about 2.8 billion years old and it is hard to break the secret of this material and its use.

4.The Impossible Fossils:bb

We all might have heard of about fossils that appear in unexplored areas and invite lot of curiosity among geological experts.  What do you think about a human handprint fossil on limestone believed to be older than 110 million years?  We have lot of such information of human fossils that are dated back even 300 million years.  Yes, we are talking about a footprint fossil along with a sandal object believed to be worn by the person and discovery was reported from Delta, Utah in the USA.


Top 5 Alien Movies To Watch Before They Arrive

Top 5 Alien Movies To Watch Before They ArriveAliens and extra-terrestrials come in peace! Well, at least in most movies.

Since time immemorial, humans have always been fascinated with the cosmos and the extraterrestrials. We look into the heavens and adore its immensity. Archaeologists, alien experts and scientists continue to discover astonishing finds that link our ancestors to the otherworldly creatures. Case in point, Kevin Burns’ Ancient Aliens is already on its 11th season and the creators seem to be uncovering more and more astonishing links to the aliens.

It’s not very surprising to see the countless alien movies produced each year (at least ten extraterrestrial-inspired movies every year). We have seen an assortment of alien movie themes. Extraterrestrial beings are depicted in a wide variety. Some depict them to be grotesque, monster-looking and ready to devour humans. Others depict them to be human-like, living like we do, enjoying their barbecue using a nice smoker (probably like the ones on this site).

Often, movies tragically misunderstood aliens and it is our primal human nature that causes the conflict. But there are also numerous movies that try to depict in a more logical, scientific sense what might happen if exo-planetary creatures come to our planet.

Alien movie themes vary widely: from outrageous fiction to the “realistic” fiction. Some are very successful while others are sorely lackluster. Here let’s take a look at five of the best alien flicks you should watch.

  1. Predator (1987)

This 80’s classic movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and his alien nemesis that predates on human life. It is a sci-fi flick that is full of suspense and action. The alien has an invisibility cloak which makes heat-sensing cameras very useful.

  1. Independence Day (1996)

This Will Smith-starrer is probably one of the best alien films ever produced. In the movie, aliens descend from their motherships that hover over major cities around the planet. The ruthless aliens are about to conquer earth. Smith leads a squadron to fend off the creepy and terrifying extraterrestrial. The most striking scene is the obliteration of the White House.

  1. ET: Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Another 80’s classic, E.T. is a Steven Spielberg movie that will surely touch your heart. It is a story of an alien tapped here on earth and just wants to go back home. Who would forget the iconic scene where ET is in the bike and flying over the moon while John Williams’ dramatic score is on the background? It is best to watch this heartwarming movie while enjoying a nice barbecue. Well, to make a good one, be sure to use a reliable electric smoker like the ones at

  1. Avatar (2009)

This alien flick toppled Titanic from its spot as the highest grossing film of all time. Coming from Academy Award winner, James Cameron, this movie tells of the story of a fictional planet that humans wanted to invade. This twists the all-too-usual alien movie theme where our planet is the one conquered. In this movie, it is the humans who are out there to invade other planet.

  1. Star Wars Series

This one needs no introduction. Who doesn’t know classic film characters: Yoda, Jabba, the Jedis and all the other alien characters in this all-time favorite? The Star Wars trilogy has never failed to capture the imagination of film-goers. It’s certainly deserves a slot in your list of must-watch.

We could go on listing awesome alien movies but these ones are the best in the crop. Be sure to see them before aliens finally arrive.

Imminent Alien Invasion: What Should You Do?

Imminent Alien Invasion What Should You Do

Who said the possibility of an alien invasion is unlikely? With NASA discovering more and more earth-like planets in some galaxies light years away from our earth, the chances of extraterrestrial beings landing on our planet is becoming more real than ever. That being said, it won’t hurt if we start to know what to do ones aliens begin falling from the sky.

Perhaps, one thing good that we can learn from Hollywood movies is preparing for an alien battle. Alien movies may not always be accurate but at least they try to predict how these extraterrestrial creatures might arrive and invade earth. It can give us a preview of the possibilities should the impossible become possible. And from the scenes shown in these movies, we can start planning how best to survive an alien attack. You can prepare yourself physically by staying fit and ready for action. A good way to maintain an alien-invasion-ready-body is to train martial arts (sites like Grappling Dummy Insider have some nice stuff that you can use for MMA training).

And to get more knowledge about what to do, you can take time watching alien movies. However, if you have no time to watch these movies, you can just read through our list.

  1. Listen to notices from your local authorities. Just like major disasters, alien invasion would most certainly be broadcast through TV, internet or even social media. Heed warnings and be vigilant.
  2. Have emergency supply, including first aid kits and emergency communication devices, always ready. These prep kits do not only serve their purpose during an alien attack but also on any disaster that might occur. Store supplies that would last for at least a week.
  3. Stay inside your house. Unless there is imminent danger or an instruction from local authorities to leave your premises, never leave home. We are uncertain about how these extraterrestrial beings will behave, whether they would be harmful or friendly to humans. Wait for instructions before you leave your home.
  4. Be always on guard. In case aliens have already landed earth, there is a possibility for them to roam around using their advanced technological gadgets. While they cannot scour the entire earth as soon as they land, be ready to defend yourself or your loved ones. You can start by training your boxing skills using a freestyle throwing dummy.
  5. Plan an escape route. When aliens begin their invasion, they might scour the entire earth and try to expel human beings. It would help to have an escape route ready for this eventuality. Know if there are local rescue centers designed for such mass disasters. It would help to have a working communications system even when the grid is down. Here you can get updates and instructions from authorities.

We are lucky to live in a generation where advanced technology is capable of detecting UFOs and other threats from outside the earth. These would most likely help our planet deter possible threats from aliens. But more than just relying on these technologies, we can do simple things to help prepare in case the events we’re fearing become a reality.

The Secrets Are Right There, All You Have To Do Is Look

The Secrets Are Right There, All You Have To Do Is LookYou and we believe in the mysteries of the universe, not just those on earth. Sad to say, but we remain very much part of a small minority across the globe. This is mainly because billions of humans do not really believe in the mysteries of the earth and, by extension, those that exist in outer space. If you were to tell any one of them today that the universe is still growing, they would either laugh to your face, or impart a sad, dispassionate glance your way, mistaking you for a deranged person who clearly has issues and needs clinical help soon.

Taking a cue from science fiction

The joys and passions of extreme sportsmen and women, mostly the young ones, are clearly alluded to on this website. Much closer to nature and its all-encompassing elements, these dare-devils are likely to be more sympathetic to your belief in what others simply refer to as those things that go bump in the night. Now, how did these musings for this post begin? It all began after re-watching Steven Spielberg’s movie interpretation of the HG Well’s science fiction classic. We found the film’s opening and closing scenes particularly telling.

It also resonates well with this post’s theme of making closer observations of our immediate surroundings and, after giving it a lot of deep thought, fully appreciating the realms of possibility that the world we live in remains a lot more mysterious than we truly appreciate. For one thing, could we truly appreciate the fact that so-called alien life, unseen, exists in just one of trillions of micro-organisms that exist as dust-like particles in our immediate atmosphere? Spielberg’s movie also shows just how much the rest of us take life for granted.

Unusual experiments of human observation are needed

It’s worth a try, you’ll never know unless you do, unusual experiments of human observation are required for you to see and observe things that the naked eye is not normally exposed to. Logic, as Mr. Spock would say, tells us, that there’s no chance of you catching something at a glimpse, travelling faster than the speed of light on a proper longboard, built for purpose, down a steep, tarred incline, surrounded by wild bush.

Now, Spielberg’s collaborator in this under-appreciated and critically derided picture, actually very good as science fiction movies go, is none other than Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise. He also happens to be one of the highest-ranking devotees to L Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology.

Unfairly or justifiably, this sect has been derided, lambasted and ridiculed across all walks of life. But there’s one aspect of this highly secret, mysterious and strange world that we happen to have something in common with. The specifics on how they came to believe this are unimportant at this stage, but like us, Cruise and his thousands of followers believe that alien life exists.

Strange noises and their alien connection

Strange noises and their alien connection

Many instances of people hearing mysterious sounds in the sky have been reported by people. Although the extent of truth in such reports is questionable, with accounts of bizarre and scary noises being heard from many places in Europe and Canada, they surely must have some element of truth in them. Powerful horn sounds or groans have been heard.

In addition, in Germany, the sound was like many car alarms going off together. As usually, you can find many explanations going around in the web to explain these scary noises, with some even suggesting that it is a sign of Jesus returning to earth. But experts on the other hand say that there is nothing to worry about as the sounds have perfectly logical explanations.


An eerie trumpet sound was heard over many places in Australia, Canada and US, which had people speculating on whether Aliens, God or a cause within our planet being responsible for the sound.  While some were baffled by the noise, others were terrified hearing the scary sounds.  Some people are scared even by the most innocent sounds like for instance, karaoke singing. But with a good quality karaoke device such as those at, it is possible to make even the worst rendition sound pleasing.

But these bizarre sounds are not a one off incident to be ignored, as many residents report hearing such sounds several times over a span of three to four years. And many maintain that these sounds are not religiously connected and nor could they be due to construction noise, trains or even from aliens for that matter.

But the sounds can be attributed to some geophysical phenomenon. Whatever be the reason behind the occurrence, these sounds have had terrifying effect on the listeners. One resident says that he has been having nightmares after hearing the sounds from the internet.

Earth sounds

NASA scientists believe that the sounds could be normal background noises from the earth. According to the scientists, if humans had the capacity of receiving signals like a radio signal, they could hear a varied symphony of all kinds of bizarre noises coming from within our planet.

In such an event, singing out of tune songs as in a karaoke singing would not be so out of place. Some avoid karaoke because it is embarrassing to sing in front of an audience with a voice that is unfit for singing. Some avoid it to escape from having to listen to the bizarre versions of their favorite songs. But with incidents like the strange sounds, listening to karaoke may seem more safe and fun filled pastime after all. And using a high quality device like the singing machines at KaraokeIsle makes the experience more fulfilling.

The real fact behind these bizarre noises, according to NASA scientists, is that these are natural phenomena, which occur normally around people. And these are due to radio emissions. Alien enthusiasts would however not agree with this hypothesis, and would certainly maintain that these sounds are from alien sources.  However, proper investigation will reveal the truth after all.

Equipment for detecting alien life

The concept of existence of life in other planets has been speculated upon for a long, long time. According to scientists, about 68 planets supporting life exist in space and are yet to be explored. Over the years there have been several attempts made to discover existence of life in other planets and other bodies of the Solar System.

Some sort of headway has been made in Mars, Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, and Titan, the moon of Saturn. Scientists believe that the study of life in such planets will further enlighten the origin and evolution of human life on Earth. Both NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) have combined their financial and scientific resources to further research in this area.  The EMTGO mission, which is part of the ExoMars Rover Project, is one such effort that is to be launched in 2016.

The main objective of the mission is to find out the atmospheric composition of Mars and the specific species traces that can identify the extant geological and biological processes and their time and space variability. The measurement when found will give an idea of localization of the source of the exotic gases found in Mars. To make these measurements and detect as well as analyze life forms in Mars, special equipment is needed.

The devices need to be cheap, rugged, and compact to survive in the alien atmosphere. Normal equipment used in earth will not suffice as these are based on the earth atmospheric conditions. As such, every sphere has its own special equipment varieties. For instance, in beauty care, microdermabrasion devices, are used specifically to take care of blemishes and scars in the skin.


Devices for detecting life on Mars may in future user mass spectrometers for finding about amino acids, which indicate signs of actual life forms. The devices used at present are not energy efficient and are difficult to operate. While the present mass spectrometers depend on airflow to analyze ionized samples of soil, these are not of much use in Martian surroundings, as they need heavy energy guzzling pumps.

The Total Ion Control method invented by the Idaho National Laboratory enables an easier direction of ions along the required paths. The solar powered ExoMars Rover with the INL tech helps eliminate the need for high-energy pumps, instead using complex and versatile electric fields. The weight is also considerably reduced making it easier to transport it during space mission.

Less weight and quantity is always a plus in modern day gadgets. Look at the way smart phones have turned into slim, lightweight and feature rich devices. These features enhance portability and ease of use. The microdermabrasion machines, especially those at CAMILASBEAUTY mentioned before are also available as portable models making it easier to carry them along even while travelling.

Detection of Alien Genome

There is speculation that life on earth descended from Mars. Organisms belonging to Mars were thought to be carried to earth via meteors, according to a research team at MIT and Harvard. The project is based on the theory that microbes may have been interchanged between Mars and Earth. Soon, positive facts about alien species on Mars can be expected with the efforts put in by such research facilities.

3 Archaeological Treasures That Suggest Aliens Were Here


Did our ancestors come in contact with aliens thousands of years ago? Is it true that aliens spurred the giant evolutionary leap of the human civilization? Are aliens part of our planet’s history?

Despite years of thorough study, mankind is still riddled by these questions. In fact, as humanity becomes more intellectually and technologically advanced, new discoveries only open baffling questions. Many theories, studies and questions have been discussed about this single topic.

Archaeologists, scientists, cosmology experts and theorists, and countless other bright, curious minds have offered different views about the role of extraterrestrial beings in our planet’s mysterious history. At some point even governments were enthusiastically funding researches to shed light to these questions. But why did these theories persist and continue to capture our imagination? Perhaps, it is because of the many unexplained archaeological discoveries that point out to the possibility of visitors from the cosmos long before our race. We’re not talking about artifacts like pottery, stones or bows (which are very primeval when compared to the recurve bows reviewed on this site.)

Here let’s take a look at three of the most infamous archaeological treasures that indicate extraterrestrial intervention in our planet’s history.

  1. The Nazca Lines

These mysterious lines which are drawn into a high plateau in Nazca Desert Peru showcase drawings of animals, humans and geometric shapes that stretch to more than 50 miles. The lines appear insignificant but when viewed from above, it reveals an amazing architecture. Theories have it that the ancient people (or probably extraterrestrials) used flying machines in order to draw these masterpieces. Other even suggest that they were used by aliens as runways for their landing.

  1. Vimanas

Vimanas are mythical flying machines that are vividly described in many Sanskrit stories in India. But what makes it baffling is that these stories were written two millennia ago. The striking similarities in the description of the Vimanas and UFOs makes alien theorists believe that the planet has been visited by technologically advanced beings from the outer space even thousands of years ago.

  1. Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is an incredible engineering feat for its time. Without the engineering technologies that we now have, building such an enormous structure is close to impossible. But even more fascinating about these pyramids is that they are located on top of the longest lines of longitude and latitude. Was it all coincidence? Some theorists believe that visitors from an advanced civilization must have helped the Egyptians build the pyramids during that time.

There are still many other archaeological treasures that link our planet’s history to the outer space: the Teotihuacan pyramids which are said to demonstrate a complex knowledge of our solar system, the Pacal’s Sarcophagus which picturess the Mayan ruler inside a spaceship, and the Mahabharata and Ramayana which are ancient Indian epics written over 2000 years ago and descriptively tells stories about flying machines, large powerful weapons, and nuclear-like explosion.

Why are there still many unanswered questions despite humanity’s advance technology and extensive knowledge? Did ancient extraterrestrial beings purposely left these archaeological treasures to tell us of their existence? There are many indications that link our planet’s long history to aliens. And every new discovery only makes this topic even more interesting.

UFOs: False or Genuine

In 2015, many path breaking inventions had been made of which the presence of liquid water on planet Mars is one that has spurred interest and speculation worldwide. And as usual, many UFOs were sighted but unfortunately none of them verifiable. Here are a notable few:

Curious sightings and explanations

One important UFO sighting that drew my attention was that of Scott Kelly’s declaration of spotting a strange light glint in space. Scott Kelly is an astronaut at the International Space Station. He was nearly 259 miles from earth in a spaceship, when he spotted this strange light.

Many have speculated on the identity of this mysterious light. According to Forbes, the light was because of reflected light from an Earth viewing camera. While many started hypothesizing on the various origins of the light, it turned out to be a damp squib in the end.

But this is not always the case in a few other big and bizarre sightings. Some strange lights were spotted in Los Angeles skyline some time back, which according to the Navy, was part of its test flights for missiles done on the Pacific coast. But not everyone believed it! Hunting for real game is much easier than hunting for the UFOs. This is the reason why I think hunting is easy, when my friends create a big deal of fuss over the sport. With the right hunting boots and other accessories, hunting can be done smoothly.

In India, a couple of people including  a student studying fifth grade have mentioned the sighting of  large ship like object rotating in the air in Uttar Pradesh. In Cape Cod, South Africa, a few lenticular clouds frightened a group of people, as they looked like a shower of fireworks just like you see during July 4th. However, this has a plausible explanation such as atmospheric variations. But I still think it looked bizarre enough to be classified as an UFO.

All the above do not mean that the UFOs or extraterrestrial objects are patrolling the sky constantly. Most UFO sightings have perfectly sensible explanations ranging from light aberrations, aircraft balloons, and natural space object to even birds.

And even if you do the elimination rule, and end up with none of the logical explanations, it still does not point to the object being an UFO. Once when I was on hunting trip, I found an open space that looked like it had been carved to the shape of a star. My immediate reaction was of course that it could be due to an UFO. But it turned out that the owner of the hunting land had done it to create a camping site. Hunting is one sport that I never tire of next to my craze for UFOs. The hunting boots I bought from EDGEHUNTING serve as dual purpose. I use them for hunting trips and my UFO jaunts.

The ready access to information, thanks to internet has made people more open-minded, so they don’t jump to conclusions whenever they see some object that is out of place. But at the same time, the various UFO websites can also convince you that such objects are real enough. With the pile of evidence presented, and not to mention, the graphic editing done on social media the internet can make it a big confusing mess too.

Exciting underwater mysteries

Being exposed to stories of pirates and treasures and sunken ship since my childhood days, I have looked upon the seas as an endless expanse holding dark and deep secrets. Oceans have always been seen as a treasure trove of deep and unsolved mysteries. From ancient manuscripts and submerged towns to sunken ships, oceans hold a lot of mysterious past, which we would love to unearth. In fact, it is believed that new lands could emerge from the oceans just as old ones had gone under.  Here are some underwater mysteries you are sure to find intriguing.


Although fictional, this lost land is one of the first to catch my vivid imagination. It has been described nearly 2,500 years back by Plato in minute detail. Mentioned in Critias and Timaeus, two of Plato’s notable works the island nation represents a strong naval power that conquers ancient Athens. But Athens was capable of withstanding the assault and in the end Atlantis fails to impress the gods and submerges into the ocean.

Over the years, we have grown in leaps and bounds, inventing new and impressive equipment to explore the seabed and find out the underwater secrets. Thanks to the new powerful pool heaters, we can now swim in comfort even in chill weather. And the diving equipment used nowadays are quite advanced, making us explore in leisure and record our findings and even transmit them instantly to land.

Galilee sea mound

Scientists, in 2003, discovered a massive stone structure circular in shape at about 9 meters below sea level. The mound made of basalt rocks is cone shaped and is larger than the Stonehenge in UK. Research on the structure has revealed that it is similar to the communal burial structures of ancient origin found all over the world, and at the same time, speculates on it being a ceremonial structure or a ramp.

Stone structure

Found in eastern Canada in the year 2005, this structure was seen about 12 meters beneath sea level.  It weighed about 1000 lb.  The elongated shape rests on seven stones of the size of a baseball, which rest on a big stone slab.

While initially thought of as a naturally formed structure, archaeologists soon discovered that the three-layered structure could very well only be man-made. With enough swimming and diving expertise, it is possible to work in the deep seas, as you do on land. I have not done any deep sea diving so far but I am planning to learn it soon. I prefer swimming in my backyard pool, which is heated with an excellent heater I bought after viewing the reviews at Diving and snorkeling are on my list of to learn things this year.

Circular anomalies

Found in North Carolina off Florida coast, these structures have caught the interest of archaeologists and enthusiasts. Found worldwide, the true nature of such objects has not been found yet although researchers believe they are some sort of burial structures. Being underwater has made these structures preserve their original form far better than if they were present on land.

There are several other such mysteries including the Baltic Sea glacial rock and the circular mound in Lake Baikal, which are in the same way interesting.

Why aliens have no need for clothes

Why aliens have no need for clothesBefore ending the year on a high note, or beginning the year with a bang, we’d like to invite you to check our home page details. Have a look at the latest posts on mysterious things of this world and ongoing debates on whether we are alone in this universe or not. Also take a moment to check our About Page, particularly if you are with us for the first time. Get to know us and also make a note of what we expect from you if you’d like to make contributions to the website.

A tribute to the believers

We are not about to deviate from all the hard work made by our contributors since the website was first put up but what we are going to do is round the year off on a light note. Or if you are only reading this post then, we hope to be getting your year off to a good start by putting a smile on your face. If we’ve managed to do that then mission accomplished. But while this post takes a lighter view to alien culture (or how we have so far imagined it to be), let it be said that it is written as a tribute for all the hard work that many believers have put into trying to convince the human race that we are not alone in this universe.

The aliens being far more superior than we can ever hope to be, have no need for vanity projects such as Nail Technician Schools. They will leave us mortals to sourcing the online information in the full knowledge that benefiting from such a school will lead to the fruition and completion of a worthy cause on behalf of others.

Preparing for an alien invasion

Why aliens have no need for clothesAliens also know that no matter what they do and for what purpose their actions may serve, human beings always need to get paid in monetary terms. Following on from the above website’s information that you may have gained already, you can read more there on what the salary expectations are. It is worth pointing out, mind you, that not many educational and knowledge-based websites are privy to such important information. It’s an invaluable tool because while doing something they love, humans can also make projections on how they can survive, making ends meet or preparing themselves for an alien invasion.

The only clothing that aliens will be wearing are the protective suits that they will be using during their invasions or visitations. Also note that their physical composition is a lot more fragile than ours. Do not be fooled into thinking that because they are far more superior than you are, their lives are easier. But in spite of their superior intelligence, some alien races have peculiar customs, such as never having to go out wearing clothes.

Their form may be gross to the naked eye, but these aliens are beyond feeling any shame or embarrassment, preferring to focus on more important things in the universe.

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